Where To Build A Custom Home In Tucson

There are many choices to consider when building a custom home, but perhaps the biggest is where to build your home in the Tucson area. Tucson is becoming a bustling city with a newly revitalized downtown, attracting throngs of visitors and a growing number of companies. The metropolitan area just tipped over one million and is growing, and is much more than just the City of Tucson. It’s also surrounded by some some of the fastest growing areas in the state, like Oro Valley and Vail. While there are some options to build your custom home inside the Tucson city limits, most look to the outskirts of the city to build a custom home. The biggest appeal is undoubtedly the views. The four mountain ranges surrounding Tucson make for beautiful views from almost any location, and the closer you get the more beauty you are likely to discover. Outdoor activities like Hiking and bicycling are popular, with the best spots outside the city yet still a short car or bike ride away. Oro Valley certainly has some of the best views with the crown of the Catalina Mountains, Pusch Ridge. A well placed Oro Valley custom home gives you a front row to Pusch Ridge as it towers over the town. Oro Valley is definitely outside the city, yet is just 10-20 minutes to 3 malls, hundreds of food options, and easy access to Downtown Tucson. Golf is plentiful, with 6 different golf courses available.

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SYCAMORE CANYON - Sombra Neighborhood with estate sized lots! Prices start at $350,000 (INCLUDING lot!). Call 520-647-7208 Sombra Homes is a PREFERRED HOME BUILDER in the following communities. Build your custom or semi-custom home in these communities: COYOTE CREEK - Priced from $330,000 (excluding lot). Call 520-647-0030 MOUNTAIN VIEW RANCH - Priced from $255,000 (excluding lot). Call 520-792-0099 SYCAMORE CANYON ESTATES - Priced from $295,000 (excluding lot). Call 520-219-1815 SAGUARO CREST - Priced from $265,000 (excluding lot). Call 520-219-1815 STONE CANYON - priced from $750,000 (excluding lot). Call 219-9000 For more information on these communities, please visit our communities page!