Indoor Home Improvement Ideas To Keep You Inside

Nobody wants to be outdoors this time of year in Arizona. The streets are practically a ghost town after 11AM, unless you are leaving your house for a nice cold movie theatre.  Yes, you can do a some work out in the yard, but really...get up at 4AM? I'm pretty sure Starbucks' isn't even open that early! Besides, anything you plant now isn't going to save you from the blistering heat this year. And it's just plain cruel to the plants.
What can you do if you find yourself wanting to squeeze in some summer home improvement projects? Here are some ideas we came up with to keep you in the Air Conditioning. Yes, you'll prob ably have to do some shopping, but hey...we desert folk go from AC to AC like we're running through hot lava. Literally.


Idea #1: Spruce up your Cabinets.
Give your kitchen or bathroom cabinets some new life with new facing and doors. On a budget? DIY projects include painting your cabinets or refinishing your existing wood cabinets to bring them back to life.
We found a few articles to help you create a whole new look:


Idea #2: Organize your Closets
Find some unused space in your closets with a new closet organizer system. Options vary from professional companies like California Closets and Easy Closets to totally do-it-yourself options from retailers like Home Depot, IKEA, Walmart and Target. I recently moved, and I was amazed at what we had piled up in the back fo the closet. A nice neat closet might just be what you need to put a smile of your face and some order in your life.


Idea #3 Window Coverings
Here in Arizona our window coverings take a beating from the sun. If your window coverings are showing their age or you just need to freshen up your decor, it's a great time to go shopping! A trip to the local do-it-yourself or specialty window covering store will turn up plenty of options:
  • Shades of all types: Roman, Cellular, Wood Woven, Sheer, Pleated, Roller shades, and others
  • Shutters
  • Solar shade treatments
  • Wood or Faux wood blinds
  • Vertical blinds
We recently traded out some old faux wood blinds for designer cellular shades, and boy what a difference they made in both sun blocking and aesthetics.


Idea #4 Repaint
Need a nifty color scheme to bring some new life to a room or the whole house? You can spend a whole weekend in bed with your iPad just browsing these web sites for some great new paint color ideas.
We all know how much we love our Southwestern colors in Arizona, so here's a Pinterest collection of Southwestern paint schemes.
You don't have to come up with a whole new color scheme. Sometimes just painting one wall can add a whole new look to a room. Even just putting on a fresh coat of paint can brighten the house up!
TIP: If you do decide to redecorate with paint, most professional painters will offer a low cost or free color consultation to help you decide on the perfect colors. 


Idea #5 Flooring
There are so many home improvement projects for flooring alone I could (and just might!) write a whole article on just this topic. It comes down to two options:
  1. Make what you have last longer and look better, or...
  2. Rip it out and buy new!
Which one you choose depends on your time and budget of course, but if you are looking to make what you have look better you have some easy options:
  • Clean your carpets or tile to make them look new again
  • Clean, seal, or refinish that wood flooring to bring back that shine
  • Clean and seal tile or natural stone to make it gorgeous again
If you want to get really adventurous with your project (and your wallet), then go big and replace old, worn out floor covering with new carpet, tile, wood, laminate, or natural stone flooring. Just going from carpet to faux wood is a relatively simple do-it-yourself project that can completely transform a space. The color and style possibilities are endless, and the smiles will be too when you're done!


Idea #6 Appliances
I you're still looking at avocado green or harvest gold appliances, maybe it's time to get rid of them (along with your brown Tupperware...hint hint). Todays appliances are getting high tech - they talk to you, tell you when you're out of milk, come equipped with Bluetooth, and sport touch controls. If that's all a bit too much technology, just a new set of stainless steel appliances will bring you hours of happy cooking and organized refrigerator bliss :)
Still attached to your Advocado fridge? Check out this boss retro collection from Big Chill.


As a custom home builder we have seen some definite trends from our homeowners when decorating their new custom homes. Some of the latest trends include cultured or natural tile. We've also seen home owners ditching their huge one-piece bathroom mirrors in favor of stylish, framed mirrors in the bathroom. Gold and chrome fixtures are definitely out, and darker polished or painted fixtures are in.


Want more indoor home improvement ideas? We asked our Facebook friends where they go for ideas, and here is their list of places to get home improvement tips (in no particular order):
Clearly we've seen a shift from TV and magazines to the Internet. Just don't spend more time online than you do on your project!


We home you've enjoyed our ideas for indoor home improvement projects. Don't worry, those outdoor project will still be there in the Fall. You know, when the sun doesn't feel like it's trying to bear hug you. For now, this list of projects will help you save yourself. Inside. Where it's nice and cool.