Simple Holiday Decorating Ideas From The Pros

Decorating your home for the holidays gives your home a warm, cozy feeling. Wreaths and strands of garland make your house feel alive and green. Sparkling decorations and lights make your home sparkle with the magic of the season that brings smiles and lights up the faces of family and friends. Walking into a well decorated home is like walking into different time and place. 
A holiday wreath is a great start, but what if you really want to bring the holidays to your home, and still have time to enjoy the holidays?
To help you with your holiday decorating, we asked our some local Tucson interior designers one question: "What are three simple, holiday home decorating tips you can share with us?" We got some great ideas, and they're sure to help you transform your home this holiday season.
Our first holiday decorating tips for your home come from  Reneé Robbins, member of the award winning design team at Lori Carroll & Associates. Renee offers the following tips:
1. Simplicity.   Less is more keeping colors, decorations and clutter to a minimum when decorating for the holidays.  The result; tasteful and classic.
2. Get inspiration from the outdoors.  Use fresh greenery, pinecones and  in-season fruits like clementine’s, cranberries or lemons to make festive holiday displays.
3. Use holiday scents from  candles, potpourri or a kettle of simmering winter spices  to get in to the holiday decorating spirit.
Cory Babcok-Rossiter from Atmospheres Interior Designs offered her ideas as well, starting with lighting.
I like to add star sparkle and light. A simple way is to fill glass hurricanes with battery operated white twinkle lights. Pile them up to the top. Add some sprigs of evergreen if you like or some brightly colored round Ornaments. Silver pine cones also add some shimmer. Whatever you like. 
Candles wrapped in Birch bark, and room scent diffusers add to the atmosphere. Brightly colored poinsettias and Amaryllis brighten our Spirits. Add some Music. Invite some friends.
Local designer Pat Mooney of Designlines, Inc., (whom we've worked with in the past) gave us some great specific ideas on lighting, scents and colors:
1. Create special lighting - I love the special effects lighting gives even if it is only a small battery operated votive candles scattered throughout the house on glass shelves or in the bar. Now you can find votives in different frosted colors that are safe and easy to use.  Or I like different heights and styles of candles mixed up as a centerpiece for a dining table.  For your exterior consider Luminarias which are easy to assemble and use on an entry wall and can be used over and over again.  Twinkle lights are now being replaced with LED shower lights or tubes that look like a meteor shower in your tree.  
2. Create that special scent - Mix fresh sprigs with dried or preserved florals. You can add fresh pine to an existing arrangement along with fresh flowers in water tubes to give it brightness. The scent of freshly cut rosemary is one of my favorites!
3. Create seasonal colors for all holidays.  Add seasonal, themed,and colorful ribbons to candles, candelabras, vases, pillows.  I have a wrought iron floor candle stand that I like to decorate for any holiday from Halloween, to Thanksgiving, to Christmas, and then Valentines Day, just switching up the ribbon color and textures gives it a new look.  I like to layer the fabric ribbons and mix them with burlap or beaded edged ribbons, again, these can be recycled and used from years to come.
Feeling inspired? We hope so. We'd like to thank each of our awesome designers that took the time to respond to our questions and share their tips and photos. Sharing is caring, so don't forget to share this article with a friend.
(Many thanks to Eva Murzaite of Interiors In Design, LLC for sharing photos of her centerpiece, entry way garland, and kitchen decorations!)