Where To Build A Custom Home In Tucson


There are many choices to consider when building a custom home, but perhaps the biggest is where to build your home in the Tucson area. Tucson is becoming a bustling city with a newly revitalized downtown, attracting throngs of visitors and a growing number of companies. The metropolitan area just tipped over one million and is growing, and is much more than just the City of Tucson. It’s also surrounded by some some of the fastest growing areas in the state, like Oro Valley and Vail.

While there are some options to build your custom home inside the Tucson city limits, most look to the outskirts of the city to build a custom home. The biggest appeal is undoubtedly the views. The four mountain ranges surrounding Tucson make for beautiful views from almost any location, and the closer you get the more beauty you are likely to discover. Outdoor activities like Hiking and bicycling are popular, with the best spots outside the city yet still a short car or bike ride away.

Oro Valley certainly has some of the best views with the crown of the Catalina Mountains, Pusch Ridge. A well placed Oro Valley custom home gives you a front row to Pusch Ridge as it towers over the town. Oro Valley is definitely outside the city, yet is just 10-20 minutes to 3 malls, hundreds of food options, and easy access to Downtown Tucson. Golf is plentiful, with 6 different golf courses available.

There are some great land options in Oro Valley. With 112 lots currently available in Oro Valley ranging from $55K to $750K, there are plenty of land options to build a custom home.

Oro Valley is also home to several distinctive master-planned communities like Stone Canyon, Honeybee Ridge, and Coyote Ridge.  

Vail and the Rincon Valley East and South of Tucson have beautiful views of either the Rincon or Santa Rita mountains. Both areas are the perfect blend of rural and city living, providing both a quiet escape from town and the convenience of shopping and service. You can get to just about any part of Tucson from the South East via easy access to Interstate 10. The Vail School District that serves both areas is one of the top 10 school districts in the state, making it a prime area to raise a family.

There are 140-200 pieces of land for sale in the Vail/Rincon Valley areas, ranging in price from $19K to $649K, depending on the size and location.

The Catalina Foothills area is an older, established area nestled in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. As you can image, this makes for some spectacular views! The appeal of the area isn’t just the views; it’s right on the edge of town and includes many country clubs, restaurants, and shopping. It’s got the 6th highest per capita income in Arizona, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, making it one of the richest communities in Arizona. There are currently just 9 lots available to build on in the Catalina Foothills. talk about exclusivity! These lots range from $77K to $595K in price.

West Tucson is a large swath of area from Ina Road to Ajo Road, and bordered by Interstate 10 and the Tucson Mountains. Much of the area is either nestled in the foothills or has a great view of the mountains, and includes some well known areas such as Star Pass, Gates Pass, Saguaro National Park West and Tucson Mountain Park. Perhaps the nicest feature is this areas is just a few minutes from the University of Arizona and Downtown Tucson, and is part of the Rio Nuevo downtown revitalization effort. There are currently 127 lots for sale on the West side, ranging from $29K to $459K in price.

Marana's Dove Mountain is one of Tucson’s newer exclusive communities located NorthWest of Tucson in the town of Marana. The beautiful Tortalita Mountains are to the North of the community, which is also home to the world famous Ritz Carlton resort. Along with great golf, Dove Mountain is so far to the north it’s much closer to Phoenix, making it handy for frequent travelers to the state capito. There are 67 lots available ranging from $129K to $835K

Which location is best?

Only you can answer that question. We asked several local Realtors for their input, and the overwhelming choice was Oro Valley for the gorgeous views, exclusive neighborhoods,  closeness to city life, world class golf and plenty of available land.

Kathy Vallee, a local Realtor, summed it up best:

Oro Valley offers stunning Catalina Mountain views, world class golf or social memberships, boulders and canyon views near natural preserves, hiking and biking trails. The surrounding neighborhoods like Coyote Ridge, Honeybee Ridge, and Stone Canyon offer spacious lots and privacy with ready access to city life amenities.  Have a plane? Access the private airstrips like Marana and La Cholla Airpark. A simple drive to Phoenix.”

So where will you build your custom home?

We hope this gives you a head start of where to look. Once you narrow down the area you like best, give us a call. Sombra Homes has custom home lots available in Stone Canyon, and many custom and semi-custom homes available in communities in Oro Valley, West Tucson and Vail. Already have a lot? Call us at 520-575-8976 and we will be happy to work with you to build the custom home of your dreams.


Special thanks to Kathy Vallee, Barbara Bardach, Janell Jellison, and Debra Larochelle for their input for this article.