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SYCAMORE CANYON - Sombra Neighborhood with estate sized lots!  Prices start at $350,000 (INCLUDING lot!).  Call 520-647-7208

Sombra Homes is a PREFERRED HOME BUILDER in the following communities.  Build your custom or semi-custom home in these communities:

COYOTE CREEK - Priced from $330,000 (excluding lot).  Call 520-647-0030
MOUNTAIN VIEW RANCH - Priced from $255,000 (excluding lot).  Call 520-792-0099
SYCAMORE CANYON ESTATES - Priced from $295,000 (excluding lot).  Call 520-219-1815
SAGUARO CREST - Priced from $265,000 (excluding lot).  Call 520-219-1815
STONE CANYON - priced from $750,000 (excluding lot).  Call 219-9000

For more information on these communities, please visit our communities page!